Frequently Asked Questions.

When do lessons take place?

Sessions take place after school or in the evening.  Weekends are also available if the schedule accommodates.  Please call for availability or schedule an appointment. 

What is the Cost?

We offer competitive rates without sacrificing quality of service.  Please contact TimeWise Tutoring for more information

Where do lessons take place?

Sessions usually take place in the student's home.  At times they are set up in a public place such as a library or Community Center if this is more appropriate.

Do I have to sign an Agreement?

No.   Sessions are usually set up with a weekly schedule, once or twice a week.   Some students continue throughout the year, others for a semester.  Some students require help for exam preparation or just a few sessions to help them with a struggling subject.

Is there a minimum purchase?

The minimum time for each tutoring session is one hour.

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